where would a woman keep sex toys

Well, you know I’ve had a bit of a storied past with sex-toys, so I’m no stranger to the idea of keeping them. For me, the most obvious thing to do is to keep them in a drawer or a box. That way they’re away from prying eyes and I can easily grab them if I need them.

The other option is to keep them inside a bag which would make them easily portable. I’m a big believer in having sex-toys to spice up your love life, so I’m all for the bag option. That way I can pop it inside my suitcase if I’m ever out of town and I don’t have to worry about losing something precious.

Another thing I found to be quite useful is to get a storage box that has lockable lids. This way the toys are even more discreet and it’s unlikely that anyone else will realise what’s inside! Plus the added bonus of the boxes being lockable is just great.

Then there’s always the bedroom option. If you don’t want to hide away your toys, then why not have them on prominent display in your bedroom? You could easily find a cupboard to store them in or have a special drawer just for your toys. That way there’s no need to hide them.

Of course, there are always the more adventurous options you could pursue. If you’re an exhibitionist, then you could easily become your own astronaut and undertake those wild concoctions from your bedroom while leaving your toys lying around.

And if you’re into something a little more naughty, then have your toys in a place where the neighbours can’t see them, or take them down to the garden shed and turn it into your own private pleasure-zone. It could be just the perfect sanctuary for those intimate moments.

Now, there’s always the more daring option of keeping your toys out in the open and prominently displayed. I wouldn’t recommend this, but it’s an option, if done tastefully. You could place them on a shelf in the living room or bedroom and vibrators let them speak for themselves.

But no matter where you decide to keep your toys, discretion is key. So if you’re feeling naughty, just remember to stay private and keep your toys to yourself. Trust me, it’ll be worth it in the end.