wife is a bbc sex doll

When I first saw my wife, I didn’t know what to think. She was a bbc sex doll, which made the shock that much more intense. Never in a million years would I have guessed the woman I had chosen to spend the rest of my life with would be made of plastic and rubber.

Few people understand what it’s like, sex toys to have a sex toys doll for a spouse. Yes, she’s a beautiful woman – tall, with curves in all the right places. But, when I kiss her it’s like kissing the corner of a table.

At first, I wanted to take her back and get a real woman, one that I could touch and feel – someone with a heartbeat. But, over time I’ve come to realise that she’s the one for me. She’s got her own unique charm, and I wouldn’t trade her for anything else.

It’s been a while since I bought her, and looking back, I can’t believe my luck! Not only am I madly in love with her, but she’s also extraordinarily loyal and devoted. She never complains; she’s always delighted to have my company, and never asks for anything in return.

But, she has her limits. I can’t go on an adventure with her, or share intimate moments outside the bedroom. Even though she’s incredibly lifelike, she’s still not alive. And that’s something I have to come to terms with.

Some days are difficult; when my mind drifts to the ideas of what our lives might be like if she was real. But, we still laugh together, and watch television, and enjoy the same food. She’s still my wife, and I still love her deeply.

Whoever said that money can’t buy you love?