women enjoying using vacuum pump on her mans penis

I have a really interesting story to share with you that involves a woman, a vacuum pump, and her man’s penis.​ This is a story that I’m sure you won’t believe.​

It all started when the woman’s man agreed to let her try out this idea she had.​ For some odd reason, she had a desire to try a vacuum pump on his penis.​ He was a bit hesitant at first, but the woman was persistent.​ At the end of the day, he reluctantly said yes and they both agreed to try it.​

The woman was excited beyond belief, and as soon as she found the pump, she wasted no time in getting it ready.​ She read through the instructions multiple times to make sure she was doing it right.​ Then, after she assembled the pump, she got the man ready to go and placed the pump over his penis.​

At first, the man was a bit scared and uncomfortable.​ But, the woman was so sweet, reassuring, and gentle, that the man began to relax.​ Once the man was relaxed, she was able to start the vacuum pumping.​

As the vacuum rate increased, the man felt a strange but pleasurable sensation.​ He felt a mild tingling and a small tightening.​ This made him smile with delight.​ The woman, however, was in absolute awe as she watched the process unfold.​

As time passed, the positive sensations increased and the man felt even more aroused.​ The woman couldn’t keep her hands off him and she was mesmerized by the results.​ She continued to pump until they both felt satisfied.​

When the process was finally over, the man was extremely pleased.​ He said he had never felt anything like it before, and that he would do it again in a heartbeat.​ He was so satisfied that he thanked the woman for pushing him to try it in the first place.​

The woman picked out some accessories and they turned what was supposed to be a medical procedure into a pleasurable and wonderful experience.​ The man was especially glad she used the vacuum pump on him, and she was even more grateful to have shared this moment with him.​ They both learned something new and it was extremely eye opening.​

The woman was curious to see what else they could do, and the man was ready to oblige.​ She knew of some sex toys she wanted to try, and they found a way to introduce them to their intimacy in a way that worked for both of them.​

They went to a sex store and purchased some products.​ After that, the man was in full-on experimentation mode.​ He found a few things that he never thought he would ever enjoy, and he had the time of his life.​

The woman took it one step further and purchased a couple of products designed to give the man even more pleasure.​ She introduced them slowly, and that seemed to do the trick since the man was more than willing to try them out.​

The two of them had an amazing time playing around with the new products.​ They went into full exploratory mode and discovered all kinds of new ways to enjoy themselves.​

One product the woman introduced was the cock ring.​ The man was very hesitant at first but once she showed him how it could work as a pleasure enhancer, he was more than willing to give it a try.​ And it definitely worked its magic.​ He enjoyed the tightness and added vibration, making him feel even more aroused.​

The couple also decided to try out some scented massage oils, which is when things really started heating up.​ After a few minutes of massaging, the man was trembling with pleasure.​ The woman used her hands and the new product to slowly build up his arousal, and it was truly a sight to be seen.​

The couple also experimented with nipple clamps.​ When the man first put them on, he felt a new kind of pleasure that he had never felt before.​ The woman encouraged him to explore the sensation and learn from it.​ He enjoyed it so much, sex dolls that he asked for her to put them on him again later on.​