Wow I just got a custom realistic male masturbator and let me tell you, it’s like I’m getting a piece of real heaven right in the palms of my hands.​ I love the craftsmanship of this toy, it’s like being able to bring a sex doll to life with a pump of air.​ It’s such an awesome feeling to know I don’t have to scrimp and save up like I usually do to get a good toy.​ I mean the price for this realistic male masturbator is unbeatable.​

I mean at the risk of sounding like a broken record and repeating myself, this thing feels like it was molded from a real person’s body.​ I swear the combination of the soft, fleshy exterior and the tight head just gives it an added level of realism and makes it feel like the real thing.​ And the fact that it’s a custom made toy really seals the deal for me because it lets me pick exactly what I want when it comes to the size and shape of the toy, which is really nice.​

And man, it’s like every detail of this masturbator has been carefully thought out from the suction strength to the tightness of the toy and it makes it so much better.​ I was worried at first because I wanted it to replicate a real experience as much as possible and this toy has been sooo worth the money.​ I can spend hours using it and it’s almost like having a real partner in the room with me because the suction is what really seals the deal.​

The heat-up feature was also the cherry on top and I just love how the toy can get heated up at just the right temperature.​ I can bring it up to room temperature and sex dolls it takes away the guesswork out of trying to find the right temperature for a pleasurable experience.​ I’m also happy to report that it’s so easy to clean and I don’t have to worry about getting dirt or lint trapped in its crevices either.​

The best part about this custom male masturbator is that it comes with these special vibration functions too.​ At first I was worried because I didn’t think it could live up to the regular vibration vibes that I usually get from my other toys, but boy was I wrong! The vibration is so powerful and it’s like I’m getting a massage and I’m just completely relaxed and dildos blown away by this toy.​

The interaction that comes with this toy is out of this world too.​ It has to be the most realistic experience I’ve ever had and it feels amazing.​ I’m so impressed with the craftsmanship of this beautiful toy and its ability to replicate a real experience so accurately.​ With all that being said, I have to acknowledge the amount of attention that has been put into this toy.​

I must say, the realism of this toy is unrivaled and it’s a true game changer in the world of male masturbators.​ I would definitely recommend this toy to anyone who’s looking for an awesome male masturbator experience!