Wow, sex doll making… where to begin! Well, to start off, I’ve heard a lot about it but never actually seen one in person. I’m not sure what to make of it honestly – I mean, it’s an interesting concept, even a little bit sexy, but kind of a weird thing to think about at the same time.

10 Vibrators Worth All The BuzzAnyways, my friend recently told me that she’s considering getting her own sex doll. Surprisingly, she said the motivation behind the purchase was not based on getting an unparalleled physical experience, but simply the comfort and non-judgemental relationship that the doll offered. She went on to say that she was amazed at how realistic the models had become – with an almost human-like skin and an astonishing level of variation, including multiple individual customizations impossible to reach with a traditional partner.

Still, it was kinda strange for me to imagine what would be like to come home every night from work and see this creepy face-like robot in my living room. But, as a matter of fact, my friend then explained that making love with a sex doll was more intimate than with a regular partner. She argued that while with a regular partner a certain level of connection and communication is important to bridge the gap between both parties, sex dolls already come equipped with all the necessary features, so no verbal communication is required.

I kept quiet while she was speaking, feeling a bit weird and confused by the whole situation. I didn’t know whether it was ethical to create and use these kind of robots. That said, as my friend really wanted to move forward with her project, I decided to do some research on it and learn more about the technology and the process involved in its production.

I found out that sex doll making doesn’t just stop at the physical features —these robots often come equipped with artificial intelligence and impressive internal functions. This allows the doll to replicate and learn the preferences of the user. Additionally, some are even able to remember conversations and display a range of emotions through facial expressions and body language — a feature that will no doubt make them even more attractive to the consumers.

Most importantly, I realized that sex dolls weren’t just constructed for pleasure —rather they provided a real substitute for social and emotional interaction. Furthermore, they do not compete with regular partners and instead offer a new kind of companionship. It’s like a robot version of the traditional relationship without any of the drama or Penis Rings worries.

Now, I don’t really know if I completely agree with my friend’s decision, but looking back, it certainly does have a lot of potential benefits; starting from new opportunity to explore oneself sexually, providing support to those who for some reason cannot access regular relationships, and even being more sustainable than a human partner in many aspects. What do you think?